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    Our homes are our sanctuaries. We want them to be stylish yet comfortable, polished yet functional. And, above all, we want them to reflect our personal styles. But sometimes even defining a “personal style” can be difficult. We know what we like, but we don’t know how to articulate it to a salesperson. Or, when we do bring home new treasures, we can’t decide how to pull them all together — not only to make our rooms aesthetically pleasing but also to make good use of our spaces. Thankfully, these are all things a professional interior designer can help us do. And contrary to what you may th[...]

    Customs builders are engaged to help clients showcase their personal style throughout the home, and the wine room is one of the most recent ways homeowners can make a statement. From large rooms tailor-made for tastings and parties, to more intimate spaces perfect for storing and displaying a collection, here are a few trends related to customized wine rooms, according to the experts. Size matters Wine rooms are typically located near entertaining areas within the home, allowing for easy access. They have contemporary finishes with materials that make a strong impression without taking up a [...]

    Wine tasting can be a great adventure. You get to see the countryside and visit new places and taste wine. What could be better than that? Well, a poorly planned and organized winery tour can lead to disappointing results when heads become soaked with alcohol. So if you’re new at it, here are a few tips to help make your summer wine-tasting tour a success: • Always have a friend who will be the designated driver. It’s the most sensible thing to do. Many wineries will have refreshments just for designated drivers. • Plan ahead of time and select three to five wineries. That’s all you c[...]

    To compile its “Best Big Cities for Jobs 2014” list, Forbes ranked all 398 metropolitan statistical areas using Bureau of Labor Statistics data from November 2002 through January 2014. The big cities list is composed of the 66 MSAs that each have more than 450,000 jobs. The ranking is based on five factors: recent (current and prior years') employment growth, mid-term growth (average annual 2008-2013 growth rate), long-term trend and momentum, current year growth and the average of each year's growth rate for the past 10 years. The Houston area recorded 2.83 million jobs and growth of 3 perc[...]

    Shan Davis knows what it’s like to be a successful (and potentially overwhelmed) businesswoman. She’s made it to the top, traveled the world, and called the shots. And now she’s working to make that lifestyle all the more doable for everyone else. Meet Club One Concierge, Davis’ brainchild, a lifestyle management company that has set out to simplify the tasks of the soccer mom, the CEO, and everyone in between. Davis answered a few of our questions on what it’s like to own a business and what Club One can do for you.