Professional Services

In addition to serving individuals, our services extend to corporations in a variety of industries. We partner with corporations to provide value added services to employees and increase customer satisfaction levels.


Happy Latin American doctor working at the hospital and looking at the camera smiling - healthcare and medicine

Our two-pronged approach creates more value for the Practice by enhancing customer service and streamlining patient interactions to create efficiencies.

Medical liaison services including: transporting patients to/from procedures, comfort  services and non-invasive after care

Developing tailored approaches to conserve physician time on follow up visits and calls from patients


Our services can be integrated into existing HR/Benefits programs to incentivize the Partnership.

Wealth Management

Financial advisors trust us enough to refer our services to clients to handle a myriad of responsibilities.

Real Estate

Realtors recommend us to clients to assist in relocation, home management and becoming established in Austin.