Service Overview

Club One clients are exceptionally busy, successful people who are in need of support from a smart, reliable, trustworthy source. Our capabilities range from the minutiae to acting as power of attorney. Our key differentiator is combining the aspects of a business manager, personal assistant and house manager – we literally handle almost everything.

In lieu of a full time employee, our clients hire us to work anywhere between 10-60 hours per month, as needed or on a project basis.

We can recruit and hire employees for your business, manage your interior design project and work with a realtor on locating a new property. We’ll pick your folks up at the airport, oversee the lawn maintenance, plan your party and meet with your attorney on your behalf.

Get the idea? We’re your one trusted resource for life. 

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Home Management

Global Relocation Coordination

Project Management

Vendor & Staff Management 

Event Planning 

Medical Liaison 

Virtual Services

Travel & Transportation