Home Management

Your strategic visionary behind the mechanics of your home. We ensure your household is operating efficiently.

Personal Assistant +

Your trusted advisor and personal brand ambassador to accomplish all the mundane tasks you don’t have time for.

Home Check Services

Travel extensively? We’ll keep an eye out. Come home to a safe, clean house, a stocked fridge, and flowers on the table.

Three steps to get started

1. Discovery

Through a preliminary discussion and home tour, we’ll learn about your lifestyle, your family, and your specific needs, and then we’ll develop a customized support plan.

2. Engagement

To safeguard your trust, we’ll provide you with a non-disclosure agreement, commercial liability policy, bond certificate, and biographies of your service team. We’ll create a home manual of all the interworkings of your home.

3. Implementation

It’s time to get started. Because we’re a time-based business, pricing is determined upon usage. Our clients engage us for 20-80 hours per month, and retainer options, project work and hourly rates are available. Welcome to your life – made easy.

“Anything they do is completed with superior quality. Club One is my go-to for everything!”

“Trust and confidentiality are very important to me and Club One has become integrated into my life without disappointment.”

“Business Manager meets Property Manager. Not your average, everyday personal assistant.”

Peace of mind, trust, confidentiality, resourcefulness, dependability, candor

Club One Concierge is your clearing house for everything

Hundreds of Preferred Providers

We know who to call for everything

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We’ll handle the rest.